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Whether you’re at fault in the incident or not, your insurer needs to know about it. They’ll likely want a statement, as well as descriptions of the damage to your car and other vehicles involved. They might also send out an adjuster to assess the damage and evaluate how much it will cost to fix it. 4 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO SAVE MONEY WITHIN JUST MINUTES 2. You want to look at this web-site add or remove drivers to the policy There might come a time when you need to change the covered drivers on your car insurance policy. It could be when your child turns 16 and gets their driver’s license, or maybe it’s when they move out of the house and start supporting themselves. Divorce, marriage, adoption, and many other scenarios can also warrant a change in your covered drivers. When these situations arise, you’ll need to contact your insurance agency to have the driver added. Keep in mind that it may change your premium, so if your policy is close to renewing, you might take the time to shop around for rates.


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