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They have been delivering electric catamarans for years and now have a check it out full line up of three boats: 55-ft, 60-ft, and 80-ft. These boats are all powered by solar power and batteries. Depending on the size, they can produce between 10 and 26 kW of solar power and be equipped with 150 to 532 kWh of battery capacity. The latter is the equivalent in energy capacity of more than 5 Tesla Model S sedans. Silent Yachts can be solely powered by clean energy with the solar panels and batteries feeding electric motors or use a generator depending on your type of use. Here the company produced a video showing a typical use case of a Silent Yacht: Silent Yachts has now delivered 11 electric yachts that are currently on the water, but they are seeing strong demand and ramping up production. “To meet demand, Silent-Yachts has new shipyards in Thailand and Italy. The Asian yard, about 220 km from Bangkok, is led by Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Guénat and is the largest privately-owned shipyard in South East Asia. In Fano, Italy, a series of Silent 60s are now under construction and a second line is being set up to provide capacity for building 15 Silent 60s a year.” On top of those 15 Silent 60s, the company is currently building one Silent 55, its entry-level boat, and 4 Silent 80s, its biggest vessel.